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Improve Operational Efficiency with Online Training

A decade ago all you needed for your safety training program was a few truck driver training videos, a list of truck driver safety training topics, and a room to gather your drivers. While that system still works today, studies have shown it is not as effective, as efficient, as affordable, or as convenient as implementing an online training solution for your trucking company.

Since 1999, Vertical Alliance Group has been the leader in providing online business solutions for the trucking industry. Our core focus is providing web-based solutions to help trucking companies, like yours, train, monitor, and assess their entire team.  This focus is rooted in the fact that we can show you how to utilize our online learning management system, Infinit-i, to impact strategic areas of your company — often times saving clients thousands of dollars a year.

Take a few minutes and explore our website.  We have designed it as a learning tool to help you find all the initial answers you need before making a decision to implement a learning management system.  If you’re ready to take the next step, schedule a demo.  One of our trucking business account executives will follow-up with you and help you do an analysis to see how our online training can enhance your business.

If you’re really serious about taking your truck driver online training program to new heights, we invite you to attend one of our monthly Trucking Business Boot Camps in Texas.  These two day events combine fun activities the “old west” Texas is known for with 2 great days of learning how Infinit-i Prime may very well be the best investment you’ve ever made for your trucking business.

Why Online Training

Reason 1: Reduce Training Costs…
The cost of bringing in truck drivers for orientation can easily cost you $1000+ per new hire.  Additionally, printing off multiple driver manuals, policy and procedure books, handbooks, and other documents can also cost you a lot of money.  A great learning management system, like Infinit-i, reduces theses expenses for the trucking industry.  Read some of the testimonies other trucking companies have shared on how they’ve seen dramatic decreases in their training costs.

Reason 2: Easily Assess Your Talent
Initial and ongoing truck driver training is not as simple as playing a video. It also requires ensuring your drivers understand what they are being taught. The Infinit-i online learning management system provides easy ways for you to test and assess your driver’s knowledge. This is especially important in the transportation industry, where training is specialized and a lack of training can cost you thousands of dollars.

Reason 3: Easily Scalable
Getting drivers together for safety trainings or orientations can be difficult. Often times it means bringing them in off the road, and when a truck is not on the road, you’re not making money. The Infinit-i Solution makes training available to drivers anywhere there is internet access. Additionally, if you have multiple locations, online training ensures truck driver training at each location is standardized. In other words, our learning management system makes truck driver safety training scalable and training easier.

Reason 4: Mitigate Risk
One of the primary reasons trucking companies rack up thousands (if not millions) of dollars in punitive damages is because they are unable to provide proof of training. Additionally, they are unable to show they provided immediate corrective action training and did due diligence in ensuring they only had the best, most qualified, drivers on the road. The Infinit-i learning management system helps you mitigate all of these risks. First, it ensures your drivers have access to over 350+ quality training videos to teach them how to perform the best in their roles. Second, it provides documentation and recording that training took place.

Reason 5: Compliance
Complying with all of the DOT regulations on training, while ensuring your drivers understand what they need to do to not damage CSA scores, is not an easy chore to do manually. Trucking companies are required to comply with a multitude of regulations. An online learning management system makes compliance easy. Customized reporting, automated assignment reminders, and a one-stop-shop for all training material, can instantly save your trucking business time and ensure you stay on top of all trucking company training compliance issues.

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