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About Vertical Alliance Group

Vertical Alliance Group, Inc. provides customizable online training and communication tools for transportation companies who are results orientated and are looking for a way to improve their bottom line through consistent, trackable, standardized communication.

Most people who buy Infinit-i are transportation executives and are not even aware there is a more affordable and better way to train a workforce on the move, including creating a paperless ironclad defense when training comes into question during audits or litigation.

We offer an unlimited training model and unlimited customer support, including ensuring implementation success, fielding all tech questions from your drivers, and creating customized reporting that makes assigning and analyzing training as easy as pushing a button.

To help busy transportation executives make the best decision possible, we offer a free, two day, hands-on, Boot Camp which not only allows prospective clients to explore our system in-depth before making a purchasing decision, but it also provides them with the educational tools they need to ensure their drivers are the best trained on the road.