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A Sneak Peek at the Infinit-i Prime System

Customize Your Online Learning & Communication Center

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Your Infiniti-i Prime System is just that – it’s yours! We customize your online learning system with your company colors and logo to keep your company’s brand message consistent. This means your employees will feel like they’re on your company’s website while they are doing training.

Vertical Alliance Group hosts your learning management system on a cloud server, and we have an amazing tech support team standing by to set-up your system, help upload any customized content, and to even answer system questions from your drivers and employees who may need a little extra technical help. This means less headache for you and a user friendly experience for your drivers.

Login & Notification of Assignments

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Once your drivers make it to your login page, they are asked to verify their identity. This provides third party verification that your drivers are utilizing the training you’re providing to them — a detail that goes a long way in helping mitigate legal responsibility down the road.

Once inside the system they will see color coded notifications about current, scheduled, and past due assignments. Additionally, you can take advantage of the employee welcome page to share company news, announcements, and other information.

Training & Testing

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From the assignment menu, drivers can select which training assignment to work on first. Assignments can be set-up with testing following each training. Testing ensures drivers are actually learning the material being presented.

If you are utilizing some of the 350+ training videos found in the Infinit-i Prime Learning Library, you can rest assured your drivers won’t be bored. Each video is between 5-10 minutes long. They are designed in short increments in order to hold the driver’s attention for the whole video -which improves message retention. Additionally, shorter training videos provide a convenient way for drivers to complete training during downtime on the road.

Reward Your Drivers for a Job Well Done

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Following the completion of training, the system can automatically reward drivers with a training completion certificate. These certificates can be printed off and put in the drivers file. The system also stores a copy of each certificate – if you’d prefer a more paperless office.

Prime Reporting & Tracking Features

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The Infinit-i Prime reporting system is one of the features safety managers, terminal managers, and others involved in management roles at trucking companies truly find beneficial. Our system offers multiple reporting settings. For example, reports can be viewed by: Date and Time Stamped, Class Modules, or Custom Data Filters (i.e. employee, groups of employees, categories). Customized reporting and API integration with your current tracking systems is also available.