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Dispatcher Training

Dispatcher Training We are entering a new age of trucking. No longer are fleets operated entirely by truck drivers who have not only grown up in the industry, but they have literally been in the industry their entire lives.  Instead, we find ourselves recruiting for drivers in a shrinking pool of applicants.  Additionally, dispatchers are no longer former drivers.

A Changing Time in the Trucking Industry

You’ve lived through the period of high driver turnover, driver shortages, and relentless and expensive recruiting. The available drivers today are recruitment proof.  They’ve heard all the promises – and many times they’ve been left with broken promises after accepting a job.  Recruitment is no longer a game of marketing.  Recruitment is now a process of transaction. The questions is no longer, “What do I have to do recruit more drivers today?”  The question is, “What do we have to do to become the kind of company a driver wants to work for?” Today’s generation of drivers and dispatchers has a new set of expectations, has very little trucking experience, very little patience, is smart as a whip, and is extremely high-tech. However, most often, they have poor people skills and low attention spans.  Dispatchers are sitting in cubicles dispatching people they’ve never met.  Those people are doing a job the dispatcher doesn’t truly understand. Dispatchers need to be assimilated into this great culture of trucking.

Trucking is All About Relationships

The central most important relationship among all others is the dispatcher/driver relationship.  Dan Baker’s Dispatcher Driver Relationship Training Program is created to be used as a daily training.  It features down to earth, real world, say it like it is information.  Additionally, it comes with all types of ideas for follow-up training after completing the lessons. The curriculum is good for anyone who works with drivers or dispatchers. Today you’re not just a manager or an owner or a CEO.  Today managers have got to become mentors.  Bosses have to become coahces.  Leaders have to become teachers.  This program is designed to teach the skills needed to make these transitions into new roles happen.  The course provides the skills and tools needed to perfect the dispatcher/driver relationship at your trucking company. If you participate in this program and use it the way it was designed to be used, it will have a positive effect on your driver retention numbers.

Program Highlights

  • Year long course featuring 52 training videos
  • Lessons are 2.5 to 3.5 minutes long, for easy learning and retention
  • Courses focus on real-life dispatcher/driver relationship issues
  • Easily viewed from anywhere there is internet access
  • Short quizzes follow each training, to validate participation

About the Teacher

Dan Baker Dispatcher TrainingDan Baker is a native Texan. He began his career as a Methodist Minister in San Antonio. After leaving the ministry in 1969, he became a professional speaker. As fate would have it, he was adopted by the trucking industry -where he quickly became a favorite among drivers, dispatchers, safety professionals, and trucking companies of all shapes and sizes. His work is always funny, exciting, and stimulating. Rarely is it anything but original. People who have heard him a dozen times always come away with something new and useful in their lives and in their work. Dan has a way of combining his Texas warmth, wit, and wisdom, with a stimulating and thought provoking message that drives to the heart of our need to understand ourselves and our relationships. People who have heard him never forget the experience. Dan lives in Bulverde, Texas, 20 miles north of San Antonio. He has been married to Betty for more than 50 years. He has two daughters, three grandchildren, a dog, two cats, 44 koi fish, a bunch of Texas hill country deer, and about nine million fire ants! Buy Dan Baker Training

Companies using the Dan Baker Dispatcher Training Program report:

  • Reduced Driver Turnover
  • Increased Driver Retention
  • Reduced Recruiting Expenses
  • Increased Dispatcher Retention
  • Increased Dispatcher Productivity & Efficiency
  • Improved Dispatcher Driver Relationships

Help your company win the driver shortage battle

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