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Professional CMV Driver Health and Wellness Training

The overall health and well being of the professional truck driver is important to many people. For this reason, we at Vertical Alliance Group are developing a training area that focuses on a driver’s well being.

Our Learning Management System was developed to provide important training for all departments. We think the health of your workforce is an important part of a companies training.

Fleet safety managers can us our LMS for their driver training safety awareness training programs without having drivers come into terminals.

National studies on driver health found that:

  • The major health concerns for drivers were lack of exercise, weight, fatigue, poor diet and stress.
  • Drivers were ready to begin trying or were currently trying to improve behaviors ineating, exercise, stress management, self care and sleep.
  • Drivers most concerned about health were long haul drivers, 40-60 years old and thosewho do not currently exercise or eat well.
  • Drivers who felt they are in control or are responsible for their own health tend to have better lifestyle habits (i.e. lower weight, exercise more, healthier eating, no tobacco).
  • Better eating habits correlated significantly with the most healthy lifestyle habits.
  • A subgroup of “Healthy drivers” significantly exercised more, ate better, managed stress, etc., and felt more in control.

Training material now available through our Learning Management System:

Health and Proper Nutrition– This training is to help drivers understand choices they make today effect them tomorrow and provide alternatives to making lifestyle changes today so their tomorrow is healthier and more….

Rest Stop Routine– This training provides drivers with simple exercises that can be preformed at anytime. We chose to call it rest stop routine because it actually can be done when a driver takes a break. The ladies in this training do a good job is presenting a great routine to help teach drivers ways to loosen up and more….

Safe Lifting– This training reviews the correct way to lift and handle objects, when you should get help, the need for PPE, personal protective equipment, and more…

Sleep Apnea– Sleep apnea is a serious breathing-related sleep disorder that if left untreated can have serious health and safety effects on a driver. One study found that drivers with untreated sleep apnea did worse on performance tests than healthy alert subjects whose blood alcohol concentrations was above the federal limit for driving a commercial motor vehicle, and more…

Pre Loaded Driver Training Section

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