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Truck Driver Online Training System for Companies with 15 or Less Drivers

Infinit-i Basic Logo Infinit-i Basic is designed for trucking companies with fleets of 15 drivers or less who care about both their CSA Scores and their ability to mitigate the risk of punitive damages when faced with a lawsuit.  The program couples four modules and 52 training segments with a basic version of our learning management system – giving smaller trucking companies the opportunity to provide ongoing training, limited corrective action training, and proof of driver participation and acknowledgement of training received.

Benefits of Infinit-i Basic

  • Helps smaller trucking companies to be more insurable
  • May improve CSA scores making company more employable
  • Ensures implementation of automated and easy to track training plan
  • Provides ease in training drivers who seldom attend safety meetings
  • Less expensive than in-person meetings
  • Short bursts of training designed to initiate safe behavior
  • Gives flexibility in addressing driver issues
  • Provides third party verification, which can help in legal situations
  • All the safety director has to do is monitor participation

Click here to view the Infinit-i Basic Course Overview.

How Infinit-i Basic Works

  • A new training module consisting of 12 or more training videos is assigned to each driver quarterly
  • Driver and safety director receive an e-mail notification when training is available (or overdue)
  • Driver logs in to the online classroom with a secure username and password
  • Driver has convenient (24/7) access to complete the module
  • Driver watches a training video
  • Driver takes a test following the video to demonstrate comprehension
  • Safety Director receives automatic weekly reports
  • Safety Director has access to run reports

Why You Might Want to Consider Infinit-i Prime

Infinit-i Prime LogoNo matter which Infint-i program you choose, you will be taking a step in the right direction towards providing quality training for your drivers. However, Infinit-i Prime is the industry’s leading online learning management system.  Unlike the Lite and Basic versions, Infinit-i Prime gives you the ability to provide custom content, the opportunity to create a customized online training area, the ability to centralize all communication and paperwork, and most importantly, the opportunity to truly decrease your operating expenses while improving your CSA Scores and mitigating your legal risks associated with driver accidents. Schedule a Demo now and let our certified trucking company business consultants help you analyze how Infinit-i Prime can improve your bottom line.  The great news is, you don’t just have to take our word for it.  We have helped hundreds of trucking companies save millions of dollars simply by implementing Infinit-i Prime.  Take a moment to Read Our Client Testimonies, and then Schedule a Demo Today.