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The Trucking Industry’s Premier
Online Learning Management System

Infinit-i Prime Logo Infinit-i Prime was designed to inspire and create behavioral changes in your truck drivers and other employees responsible for the day-to-day operation of your trucking company.  As the trucking industry’s premier online learning management system, Infinit-i Prime not only gives you access to over 350+ training videos, but it also provides the best online training, tracking, reporting, and online driver communication platform in the industry.

Hundreds of trucking companies utilizing this powerful truck driver training program have reported increased revenue, improved operating ratios, better fuel mileage, a huge savings in orientation expenses, streamlined communication, and more.  Sound too good to be true?  It’s not. Read some of our Client Testimonies to learn how utilizing Infinit-i Prime has revolutionized not only their truck driver safety training programs, but also their entire trucking business.

Utilize 750+ Truck Driver Training Videos

Course CatalogIf your truck driver safety training program is running on outdated DVDs and VHS tapes, it is time to bring your program into the digital age.  With over 750 videos in our Learning Library, you’ll enjoy access to current training on just about every topic you can imagine for running a successful trucking business.

Request our Course Catalog to get an in-depth look at the titles and video series currently available to you with your Infinit-i Prime membership.

Plus, Vertical Alliance Group is constantly creating and adding new videos into our Learning Library.  All videos are between 5-10 minutes in length, making them easy to watch anywhere, anytime.  Their short length also makes them a perfect choice for safety meeting discussions.

Want a tour of the our Learning Library?  Schedule your demo now.

Customize Your Content Library & Driver Resource Area

When we first launched Infinit-i Prime in 2005, our goal was to provide the most robust training tool the trucking industry had ever seen.  We realized from the first day we launched our system that providing a way for trucking companies to upload their own training content and truck driver resources into the system was going to be paramount to the system being a successful business tool for the trucking industry.  By doing this we were able to ensure each company we serve has the right training solution available for their drivers and their team.

While some skills needed in the trucking industry are standard, every business is different. Through one-on-one consultations, our team helps you identify your unique training needs and requirements.  Then we help you design highly customized solutions that address your unique business training challenges, making training truck drivers an easy, streamlined process.  And the best part is…our impressive reporting and tracking system makes it easy for you to see when you are achieving measurable results.

Custom content is not limited to training videos.  In fact, a large number of our clients utilize our learning management system to make it easy for drivers to access all company documents in one location.  Check out some of these exciting ways Infinit-i Prime clients are currently customizing their driver resource areas:

♦ New Employee Orientation Materials
♦ Employee Handbooks
♦ Health and Company Benefit Information
♦ Retirement Plan Information
♦ Personnel Policy Updates
♦ Special Chemical Transportation Videos
♦ Instructions on Operating Company Machinery
♦ Training to Prevent Common OS&D Issues
♦ Information to Increase A/P Invoices and A/R Collections
♦ Instructions on Proper Way to Change a Tire
♦ Instructions on Company Pre-Trip Inspection Requirements
♦ Posting Physical and Drug Testing Requirements
♦ Sharing Healthy Restaurant and Food Options Along Freight Routes
♦ Giving Daily Health Tips
♦ Post Your Company Newsletters
♦ Recognize Employees on Their Birthdays
♦ Post Employee Years of Service Awards, Safe Driver Awards
♦ Celebrate Employee Birth Announcements
♦ Share Industry News & New Regulations
♦ Post Timely Messages from the President

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More Benefits of Utilizing Infinit-i Prime

Add an Element of Efficiency to Your Training Program
♦ Deliver Custom Content Online in Any Format
♦ Comprehensive Truck Driver Safety Training Video Library
♦ Customize Training to Deliver in Multiple Languages
♦ Add Consistency to Orientation and Employee Training
♦ Target Areas like MPG using our Fuel Program Video Library
♦ Reduce Driver Safety Training Costs
♦ Reduce Driver Orientation Length and Costs
♦ Reduce OS&D claim expenses.
Develop Employees & Build Your Company Culture
♦ Improve Truck Driver Retention
♦ Celebrate Employee Accomplishments
♦ Ensure Drivers Understand CSA Compliance Issues
♦ Add Team Building, Leadership, & Other Personal Development Training Modules
♦ Test Drivers of Training Content to Ensure Understanding of Material
♦ Quickly Assign Corrective Action Training
♦ Track Employee Progress with 3rd Party Date and Time Stamps

Bonus #1: Recruit New Drivers via our CDL Permit Training Center.
Bonus #2: Invitation to Attend the Infinit-i Boot Camp

Your Very Own Truck Driver Safety Training Consultant

We do more than just develop custom training solutions for the trucking industry.  As an Infinit-i Prime user, you will be introduced to your personal Client Services Representative who will work with you from set-up and implementation through ongoing utilization of the system to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit out of your new training resource tool.  Your Client Services Representative is always just a phone call (or email) away, ready to assist you.  You can be as involved (or as uninvolved) as you want to be in every step of the process.

We like to tell people, with Infinit-i Prime, you’re never alone.  All you need to be able to do is dial a phone, and we will take care of you from there.

Our goal is to create a strong relationship with you to help guide your trucking company to success using an online learning platform. When you choose Infinit-i Prime, we become a partner in your business.  Together we will work to achieve your organization’s learning objectives. Your Client Services Representative serves as a consultant and mentor for you on best practices for utilizing your training system.  He or she will regularly review your account and call you on a quarterly basis to offer advice, ideas, and new information for you to implement into your training program.

Our Client Services Team is what our clients tell us truly sets us apart from the industry.  Schedule a Demo of Infinit-i Prime today, and test them out.