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Rhode Island Trucking Association
Dear Rhode Island Trucking Association,

If you want to make this year your most profitable and safest year yet, then take just a few minutes to learn how one decision can dramatically improve your bottom line, make your life easier, and instantly add a support team dedicated entirely to making your business successful.

How One Program is Dramatically Changing the Game
and Improving CSA Scores Across The Trucking Industry

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your office pondering things like:

  • How can I reduce orientation cost?
  • How can I effectively and economically communicate with my team?
  • How can I add consistency to our training process?
  • How can I increase our driver’s safety and reduce the liability that may come should an accident occur?
  • What steps can I take to improve profitability across the board?

“Since the onset of utilizing the Infinit-i program 5 years ago, we have experienced a tremendous reduction in our driver turnover rate. We have cut it by over 85%. This has improved our safety performance in our fleets as well as added substantial dollars to the bottom line.”
~Vern Edwards
R+L Carriers Shared Services

You are Not Alone. These are common questions that others, like you, have struggled with for a long time.

For more than a decade, Vertical Alliance Group (VAG) has worked with trucking companies across the country to provide solutions to some of the industry’s toughest business challenges. Through research and testing, VAG was able to pinpoint keys to success for trucking companies. The biggest key is the Infinit-i Prime solution – a customizable online set of tools coupled with proven success strategies that have literally saved clients just like you millions of dollars.

We discovered the 1 secret to massive success in the trucking business.

One of the biggest problems trucking companies face is having someone to help them through each step of the way in implementing solutions to their most common questions. That is why the Infinit-i Prime solution is customizable and used by trucking companies of all sizes. Unlike any other program, Infinit-i Prime is backed by an unparalleled Client Service Team. You’re never alone in your quest for compliance and improved operational efficiency.

Your most important role in your business is maximizing the operations and profitability of your trucking fleet, and the goal of Infinit-i Prime is to help you get more free time to do just that. With Infinit-i Prime, our team does 90% of the legwork and proactively supports you providing direction and consultation on best practices in the areas trucking companies, like yours, struggle with daily.

Infinit-i Prime has helped trucking company owners across the country improve the health and overall quality of their businesses. With this one-of-a-kind training program, you get a step-by-step action plan and all the help you in creating and implementing an amazing online learning program for your entire company that will continue to impact your bottom line in the months and years to come.

Can We Give You Our Proven Blueprint For Quickly Improving Your Trucking Business?
With the Infinit-i Prime training program you’ll easily be able to do things like:

  • Improve CSA Scores and Safety Training
  • Decrease Orientation Costs
  • Implement On-Going Driver Development
  • Streamline Corrective Action Training
  • Decrease Your Liability on Litigation or Audits with Online Documentation, Reporting & Tracking of All Training
  • Quickly Track and Trend On-Going Driver Development Over Time
  • Have Metrics to Measure Initiatives and Training on Things Importan to Your Bottom Line
  • Plus Get Customized Solutions Designed Entirely For Your Company

Every aspect of our learning management system is designed to do one thing – to give you unprecedented access to quality industry training that will drive your trucking company businesses forward, giving you the freedom to focus your efforts on what truly matters in your business. All you have to do is schedule a demo right now and let us share with you our detailed blueprint and action plan for improving your trucking company business.

Request a Demo to See How Infinit-i Can Impact Your Business…

Take Advantage of Your Association Membership Benefits

Your Exclusive Invitation…

Boot Camp InvitationIf you have 40 or more employees working at your trucking company, we invite you to attend our two day Trucking Business Boot Camp in Texas. Over the course of two days we will share with you how implementing an online training system, like Infinit-i Prime, can transform your trucking business. You’ll leave with an Implementation Plan, a ROI Success Strategy Blue Print Guide, new training ideas, and memories from a unique Texas event.
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Save 10% On Infinit-i Prime

10% Member DiscountThe Rhode Island Trucking Association has listed Infinit-i as one of their Preferred Partner products. Under this partnership, ATA members are eligible to receive 10% off the current prices of Infinit-i Prime.
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Have Less Than 15 Trucks?

Infinit-i BasicWhile Infinit-i Prime is the perfect choice for all size carriers, if you have less than 15 trucks in your fleet you may be interested in using Infinit-i Basic. Infinit-i Basic gives you access to 52 pre-set videos in our library delivered over the course of a year in a series of four quarterly learning modules. Contact the Rhode Island Trucking Association to receive your Infiti-i Basic discount code. Then, click here to schedule a demo.