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Real Life Lessons
From Truck Drivers Injured at Work

Our Real. Life. Lessons. videos are produced in conjunction with Midwestern Insurance Alliance and use sample stories to bring awareness of preventable on-the-job accidents using a conversational style.  The videos are perfect truck driver safety training videos to use at your safety meetings.  Each month we are releasing a series of 5 new stories available exclusively to those with access to the Infinit-i Learning Library. The goal of each short video is to help you reduce the number of on-the-job injuries, thus keeping your worker’s compensation insurance premiums down.

When you take advantage of our Infinit-i Prime platform, the videos also become great weekly reminders you can assign to your drivers to ensure safety is always at the front of their mind.  One accident can greatly increase your worker’s compensation premiums, so one avoided accident could save you thousands.

Titles Currently in the Series:

  • Module: Cleaning out Trailer
    Lesson: Mr. Wizard
    Lesson: Who Would Have Thought
  • Module: Cleaning Windshields
    Lesson: For the want of a Nail
  • Module: Conducting Pre/Post-Trip Inspection
    Lesson: An Excedrin Headache
    Lesson: Driver Fractures Big
    Lesson: Every Which Way but Loose
    Lesson: Good Job – Almost
    Lesson: Looking At and Looking
    Lesson: Man’s Best Friend
  • Module: Connecting/Disconnecting Gladhands
    Lesson: Mother Nature and Opportunities
  • Module: Cranking Trailer Landing Gear
    Lesson: Ice – The Enemy of the Truck Driver
    Lesson: A Tight Squeeze
  • Module: Driving
    Lesson: Deer, Dogs and
    Lesson: Seat Belt for Coolers
  • Module: Entering/Exiting Truck
    Lesson: Driver has a Clean Truck and Can’t Drive It
    Lesson: Driver Sprains Ankle Exiting Truck
    Lesson: Very Expensive Coffee
  • Module: Getting On/Off Trailer
    Lesson: Not Built to Climb
  • Module: Health and Wellness
    Lesson: Not What the Doctor Ordered
    Lesson: White Line Fever
  • Module: Inside Parked Truck
    Lesson: Location is Everything
    Lesson: Loading/Assisting to Load Flatbed Freight
    Lesson: Bump On a Log
    Lesson: Tarps and Trampolines
  • Module: Loading/Unloading Bulk Trailer
    Lesson: Dress for the Occasion
  • Module: Loading/Unloading Dump Trailers
    Lesson: Up, Up and Over
  • Module: Opening/Closing Side-Box on Flatbed Trailer
    Lesson: Purple Finger Nails and Profanity
  • Module: Opening/Closing Trailer Door
    Lesson: Driver Loses Tooth Opening Trailer Door
    Lesson: Wendy is now Windy
  • Module: Performing Truck/Trailer Maintenance
    Lesson: Exploding Tire Breaks Driver’s Arm
    Lesson: Pulling Fifth-Wheel Release
    Lesson: Awkward Posture
  • Module: Slips & Trips
    Lesson: Mamma Always Said
    Lesson: Strapping/Chaining Flatbed Freight
    Lesson: It Looked Like a Good
  • Module: Unloading/Assisting/Tailgating Freight
    Lesson: There’s a Reason for Everything

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